Restored Marketplaces

Restored Marketplaces

Designed for Businesses/Entrepreneurs

Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring the culture of the kingdom of God to the cultural influence of economics/business. We desire to be a place of restoration of purpose by developing an atmosphere fit for people to be trained and equipped in the proper mindset and resource connections to restore the marketplace for the kingdom of God.

Vision Statement

We are leaders equipped, empowered, and activated to take possession of the marketplace for the kingdom of God within the industry/system we are called to.

Goals to Carry Out Mission and Vision:

  • Review foundational biblical principles of character and integrity in personal and business life.
  • Teach on foundational requirements of business structure and development. Teach on requirements for gaining business capital through proper business and strategic planning.
  • Teach on the need for counselors/advisers/mentors in business
  • Teach on the role and mindset of priests and kings in the marketplace
  • Practical steps of business building
  • Teach on the 7 Mountains of Influence to include the Mountain of Economics/Business

We will do this through facilitated instruction both in-house and guest speakers. This training will be facilitated via in-class instruction and webinars as necessary.

Recommended Reading:

God Owns My Business – Stanley Tam/Ken Anderson
The Seven Mountain Renaissance – Johnny Enlow
Understanding the Kingdom: Kingdom Principles – Dr. Myles Munroe
Loving in 4D – Charlie B. Ammons
Wealth Dominators – Kimberly A. Matthews

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