WOW Ministries Int’l

WOW Ministries Int’l

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“The Prophetic Power of a Mother’s Love” Week-End

Women of Worth Ministries consist of powerful and anointed women of God in and outside of Restoration Christian Church who possess the passion to connect with and benefit from the dynamic leadership of our Senior Pastor Vikki Ammons. Women will profit spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially as Pastor Vikki imparts into the lives of daughters, sisters and mothers growing in the faith. Women will be nurtured into healthy and growing relationships with God, family, friends and one another increasing our worth and value in the Kingdom.

Women of Worth Ministries represent bold women who are unashamed of the Gospel. We walk as women of worth with astronomical value in the gifts, talents, skills and abilities we possess. We are impacting, influencing and inviting others into our supernatural realm of faith that causes us to tap into the unprecedented blessings and promises of God for our lives and the lives of those connected to us.

Women of Worth Ministries represent multifaceted and multidimensional women who lead by example in our families, ministries, the marketplace and every other arena we are called to infiltrate with the peace, power and presence of God.

Pastor Vikki hosts an array of W.O.W. Ministry Events, Forums, Educational Seminars and Fellowships Throughout the Year. All W.O.W. Events are Opened to the Public and are Posted on the Website, RCC’s Facebook Fan Page and Twitter.

Email for more information or upcoming dates.

Sunday After the Broadcast, We Ministered During a Marriage Conference at the Eureka Place Hotel In Kampala, Uganda!

We Challenged Bishops, Pastors & Church Leaders to 1st PLEASE GOD as the HUSBAND or WIFE to Their SPOUSE and Not Forsake Their Responsibilities of Them for Responsibilities of the Church!! It Got Real, RAW & Relevant In Here!!#Balance #EvenDistributionOfWeight

The Responses Were Tremendous • Eyes Were Open

WOW Ministries 2023



The Women Of Worth Had Blast On Yesterday At The “Getting To Know You Garden Party Gathering!” We Laughed, We Learned, We Loved And Celebrated Each Other’s Ministry Gifts In A Fun And Interactive Way! Special Shout Out To Our Awesome Fellowship Facilitator, Min. Karen Baker…YOU ROCK! It Was An Amazing Time of Powerful & Purposeful Fellowship! Thank You To All The Women Who Came Out In Spite Of The Rain!