At Restoration Christian Church, we want you to be active participants in learning and sharing the Word of God according to James 1:22-25. We believe this best happens in the context of spirit-filled small group bible studies and fellowships as represented by the 1st Century believers in Acts 2:42-47. We also believe that the Word of God really comes alive in the lives of believers when they have a chance to share what they have learned with other believers and non-believers alike through practical discipleship outreaches.

Therefore, we offer a variety of micro-church groups to provide a place for discussion on how to apply God’s Word to your life. Furthermore, micro-church groups also provide an opportunity for participants to fellowship and build relationships across the groups as well as in the macro-church structure.

If you desire to grow in the Word of God and get connected to a micro-church bible study group, either online or in person, check out the links below for more information and to find a group that is meeting on a day and time conducive to your schedule. We look forward to growing, making disciples and expanding the Kingdom of God together with you!

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Join a Small Group
Bible Study Fellowship

Pastors Roger & Lisa McLain

Hampton Roads, Virginia

Evangelist Denise James

Newport News and Hampton, Virginia

Elders Tim & Kim Matthews

Williamsburg, Virginia

Pastor Carla Langford

Young Adults

Elder Saundra Cherry

Newport News, Virginia

Viola Hinton & Min. Carmen Myers

Brooklyn, New York – Online

Elder Caryn Randall & Min. Jarrel Taylor

Northern VA – Online

Teachers Charles Brandon & Norma Brandon

Madison, Alabama – Online