So then, FAITH comes by HEARING and HEARING by The Word of God – Romans 10:17

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“Developing Effective Communication &
Conflict Resolution Skills”

By: Apostle Charlie Ammons

Hold up and wait a minute! You mean I can know how to talk but still may not know how to effectively communicate. You mean I can be grown but still not know how to effectively resolve conflict. In this series, Apostle Charlie Ammons under the leading of the Holy Spirit brings the body of Christ into practical, interactive and revelatory training concerning these matters.

In these 10 weeks of trainings, Apostle Ammons lets us know that in life we will always have conflict but if we learn how to communicate effectively and learn how to manage our emotions, we will begin to get more positive outcomes in relationships than we have gotten in the past.

Below is just a few of the topics that you will be exposed to when you secure your copy of this dynamic series:

  • Types of Communication & Communication Etiquette
  • Communication Cycle, Styles and Postures
  • Understanding and Interpreting Body Language and Proxemics
  • Skills Necessary for Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution
  • Barriers and Biases that Impede Effective Communication
  • Conflict Resolution Style & Types of Biblical Conflict
  • Positive and Negative Expressions of Conflict
  • Practical Ways to Manage Conflict & Mistakes to Avoid
  • Role of Anger in Conflict & 12 Most Common Types of Anger

I’M Anointed for This!

By: Apostle Charlie Ammons

I’m Anointed for This! Ministry from:

Saturday’s MOMS Mentoring

Sunday’s Worship Services

Wednesday’s “Hour of Power”

“I’m Anointed for This!” with Apostle Charlie and Sr. Pastor Vikki Ammons teaches the biblical origin, purpose and intent of virgin olive oil and how the believer can apply it to their temple TODAY for greater revelation, as medication and a cleansing agent! In addition, you will tap into the “5 Levels and 3 Phases of the Anointing.”

You will further embrace the (sacrificial) life of Christ as you gain greater insight of “The Anointing Process” and what is REALLY means to be “Crushed to Perfection!”

The Fullness of The Godhead

“Living Life to the Fullest”
CD Series: $10 Buy Now
By: Pastor Vikki Ammons

This power-packed revelatory teaching by Sr. Pastor Vikki Ammons stresses the importance and urgency of tapping into the “COMPLETE” Triune Nature of God:

God the Father: The Creator & Sustainer

God the Son: The Dominator Who Has All Power

God the Holy Spirit: The Orchestrator of All Things

You will live life to the fullest as you grab hold of these teachings and walk in THE FULLNESS OF THE GODHEAD!

The Prophetic Power of A Mother’s Love

CD Series: $10 Buy Now
By: Pastor Vikki Ammons

2017: Year of the Sabbath Rest!

CD Series: $20 Buy Now
By: Apostle Charlie & Vikki Ammons

“These powerful declarations and teachings by Apostle Charlie & Sr. Pastor Vikki Ammons will remind you of the importance of entering into Sabbath Rest. While many believers are overworked, overwhelmed, overburdened and quick to forfeit their Kingdom assignments, you will tap into how the Sabbath Rest is intended to keep you refreshed and full of a joy that only comes from RESTING and spending purposeful, quality time in the presence of the Lord!
Tune in and discover:
What is the Sabbath Rest?
When is the Sabbath?
What are the Benefits of Sabbath Rest?
Why is the Sabbath Rest important?”

Living Life on Purpose

CD Series: $25 Buy Now
By: Apostle Charlie & Vikki Ammons

“Living Life on Purpose” by Apostle Charlie & Sr Pastor Vikki Ammons will challenge you to examine and tap into the God-ordained purpose for your life, in and outside of the four-walls of the Corporate House of worship. It will open you up and cause you to deal with areas in your life that need to be purified in order to live a life, holy, acceptable and pleasing to God! Prepare to stand firm in your faith and impact future generations, as you start “Living Life on Purpose.”

Spiritual Maturity

CD Series: $50 Buy Now
By: Pastors Charlie & Vikki Ammons

This power-packed teaching “Spiritual Maturity: Growing Up in Christ” by Pastors Charlie & Vikki Ammons will place a demand on you to continually grow and develop in the will and Word of God for your life. It will walk you through the essential qualities reference in 2Peter 1:5-9 that the believer must diligently strive to possess in order to grow in the wisdom and knowledge of the Lord. You will discover how adding these vial qualities to your current faith will prevent you from becoming ineffective and unfruitful in your Christian walk of Faith.

The Secret Place

CD Series: $20 Buy Now
By: Pastor Vikki Ammons

He who dwells in the SECRET PLACE of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. Psalm 91:1

The Secret Place by Pastor Vikki Ammons exposes the believer to a permanent place of residence where the peace, power, provision and protection of God is encountered 24/7. Through this 3-part series, you will experience a state of spiritual rest and rule that prevails regardless of outward situations or circumstances. The Secret Place will minister to you and reassure you of your direct access to the throne of God!

Loving in 4 Dimensions

CD Series: $40 Buy Now
Book: $15 Buy Now
Book & CD Series Combo: $50 Buy Now
By: Pastor Charlie Ammons

.com Faith

CD Series: $35 Buy Now
By: Pastors Charlie and Vikki Ammons

God has given unto each of us a MEASURE of FAITH! Learn how to identify and activate your faith through this revelatory teaching by Pastors Charlie and Vikki Ammons. You will tap into the Voice of Faith, while silencing the voices of doubt and fear. You will be enlightened by the Vision of Faith to start seeing circumstances in your life as God sees them. The Value of Faith will cause a greater sense of love, appreciation and protection of your faith. Finally, Victory by Faith will confirm that, by faith, you have ALREADY won the battle. Your Faith is your Victory!

Reclaiming the 7 Mountains of Influence

CD Series: $50 Buy Now
By: Pastor Charlie Ammons

Reclaiming the Seven Mountains of Influence by Pastor Charlie Ammons will open your eyes and cause a greater sense of urgency as it relates to reclaiming your influence over these seven mountains: Family, Education, Economics, Arts & Entertainment, Media, Religion and Government. In this series, Pastor Ammons reveals the seven spirits the enemy attempts to use to attack and destroy systems that must remain operative to progress the kingdom of God.

The Believer’s Authority

CD Series: $40 Buy Now
By: Pastor Charlie Ammons

In scripture, Jesus makes several extreme and profound descriptions of the power that He grants to his followers. Whether moving mountains, healing bodies, casting out demons or resurrecting the dead, Christ has the power needed to dramatically impact our world for the better. But, what does that mean exactly? What responsibility accompanies that power? And, how do we access it? In this series, Pastor Charlie Ammons instructs us on the source, purpose and use of the extraordinary power that God has given every believer to wage war and improve this world by destroying the works of the enemy and restoring the perfect will of God in the earth realm.

Being Led by the Spirit of God

CD Series: $40 Buy Now
By: Pastor Charlie Ammons

Apostolic Leadership

CD Series: $40 Buy Now
By: Pastors Charlie and Vikki Ammons

You are an Agent of Restoration!

This Apostolic Leadership series by Pastors Charlie & Vikki Ammons outlines and brings greater insight to the terms, definitions and characteristics of an Apostolic ministry. Through the foundational principles of God’s Word, they expound upon the restoration (re-ordering) or relationships, biblical doctrine/teaching, the ministry of the Holy Spirit, miracles, and five-fold ministry assignments.