Get Connected

Get Connected

You’re SAVED, Now What?

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you and your family CONNECT with a ministry that is committed to aiding in the continued growth and development of your Christian walk of FAITH!  Your FAITH comes by hearing and hearing comes through the Word of God (Romans 10:17). It is equally important that you are connected to Pastors after God’s heart who will feed you with spiritual knowledge and understanding (Jeremiah 3:15).


Salvation is a gift that you have freely received. You are also entitled to receive God’s Power through healing and deliverance, as well. Connecting with RCC avails you and your family to the apostolic and prophetic covering of Apostle Charlie & Prophet Vikki Ammons. It connects you directly with Campus Pastors Ray and Danette Miller, Shepherds after God’s own heart. You will also receive the powerful teachings and impartations released by our dynamic team of leaders who are dedicated to God and willing to be used by Him to aid you in your spiritual, physical, emotional and financial growth and development.

RCC offers a wide range of age-appropriate settings to better equip and prepare you AND your family during your Christian journey of FAITH.

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