Vision Statement

Restoration Christian Church is a body of Spirit-filled believers united in pursuit of individual and corporate Destiny. Through partnership with the Holy Spirit, we fulfill our global mandate to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through revelatory bible teaching, practical ministry and international missions. Moreover, we are appointed to develop an extraordinary, world-wide body of believers for dynamic visionary leadership in the Twenty-First Century.

Mission Statement

We believe that Christ is the source of all authority and power for the Church through the agency of the Holy Spirit. We believe that we are called with a global mandate to assist in the fulfillment of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19, Mark 16:15, and Acts 1:8). We believe that the only hope for the twenty-first century Church lies in its ability to be restored unto biblical modes of theocratic government, as well as, its ability to release five-fold ministry and administrative gifts toward the proper equipping of the Body. We believe that the mission of Restoration Christian Church Virginia, and moreover, each ministry within, flows from the Church and into the local community, our nation and the world, through outreach, evangelism and world-class missions.


Restoration IS NOW!

Our Church History

Restoration Christian Church of Virginia (RCC-VA), founded by Sr. Pastors Charlie & Vikki Ammons was launched during its First Annual Holy Convocation Service at Woodside High School on Sunday, October 5, 2014.  The establishment of RCC-VA is a result of the pastoral/apostolic and prophetic mantles on Sr. Pastors Charlie and Vikki’s life to bring FULL RESTORATION to the entire body of Christ.

During RCC-VA’s First Annual Holy Convocation, the ordination and launching of Covenant Pastors Dunnell and JoeAnn Wilson of the newly formed Unity Christian Church occurred. The ordination of Pastor Waverly and Lady Tmika Kelly of Flowing Streams Ministries was officially affirmed, and Pastor Nedra Banks of Restoration Christian Church of Richmond, VA submitted her life and ministry under the covering of Pastors Charlie & Vikki Ammons.

Moreover, during the Convocation service, Sr. Pastors Charlie and Vikki Ammons publicly partnered with and set-in Pastors/Missionaries Deborah & Reginald Freeman of A Cross the Nations International Ministries (ACTNIM) as staff missionaries for Restoration Christian Church Virginia and its affiliates.

Moreover, during this service the Leaders and New Disciples of Restoration Christian Church Virginia were affirmed as they publicly entered into this season of covenant ministry with Sr. Pastors Charlie and Vikki Ammons.  Restoration Christian Church of Virginia also dedicated its two new vehicles for active service and transport during this launch.

Since its launch, Sr. Pastors Charlie and Vikki Ammons have established a Pastoral Leadership Team to aid them in training and developing leaders for 21st century ministry. They provide spiritual and administrative oversight to and promote leadership maturity, growth and development in the body of Christ.

Sr. Pastors Charlie & Vikki Ammons have also launched a Community Action Team (CAT) to aid in the ongoing efforts to develop new partnerships between civic leaders, five-fold ministries, business owners and Restoration Christian Church of Virginia. As a result, they have hosted Community Awareness Forums with panelists that included the City’s Mayor, Sherriff, Assistant Chief of Police and many others.

We have also established a long-lasting partnership with the Denbigh Community Center (DCC) and the City of Newport News for its Annual Community Festivals where prayer, evangelism, FREE school supplies, food, gifts and rides are made available to the youth and adults within the surrounding communities. The leaders of RCC-VA aid in covering and preparing the children for “back to school” while providing supportive resources to the families represented.

The Restoration Christian Church of Virginia family continues to grow and expand numerically and geographically. As we continue to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit, lives are being transformed, people are being set free and destinies are being fulfilled, to the glory of God our Father!